Artistic Bullet-Points

(This is a changing, growing list, not unlike my list of allergies.)


  • with magic. Not quite magical realism. More like realistic magic.

  • with a diverse cast. My mission is to create a crap ton of roles in a crap ton of genres for the folks who get cast in the servant roles or other such background parts.

  • with at least one stage direction that I'm not quite sure how to solve. Because I know someone else will be excited by the challenge and do something amazing with it.

     I WANT 

  • to explore and push my art. I'm moving into writing Horror at the moment, and I'm reworking a more realistic short play script into a short film about a serial killer creeping in a coffee shop. It's got mythology, but don't worry, it's only talked about. Very realistically.

  • to draw mediums together. Introducing film techniques that find their unique way of texturing theatre, and bringing more of the process of theatre development to film.

  • everyone to have access to theatre and to feel welcome to theatre. 

  • to push our current audience. We shouldn't pander or always give them what they want. Sometimes, we need to show people what they need to see.


  • hazelnuts

  • peanuts

  • cashews

  • almonds

  • oh, wait, you didn't really want my full list of allergies? Okay, sorry.

  • if you're a friend and you're on my site and you are wondering, shoot me a text or visit my contact page.