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Artistic Bullet-Points

(This is a changing, growing list, not unlike my list of allergies.)


  • with magic. Not quite magical realism. More like realistic magic.

  • with a diverse cast. My mission is to create a crap ton of roles in a crap ton of genres for the folks who get cast in the servant roles or other such background parts.

  • with at least one stage direction that I'm not quite sure how to solve. Because I know someone else will be excited by the challenge and do something amazing with it.

  • about that damn middle space. So many pieces of my identity are tied up in that

     I WANT 

  • to explore and push my art. I'm writing a lot of Horror at the moment, and I'm also further exploring audience engagement and audience agency. Questions on my mind: what makes an interactive play vs. a game with a narrative? Is there some middle ground in there? What's it called and how can I get someone to pay me to do even more of it?

  • to draw mediums together. Introducing film techniques that find their unique way of texturing theatre, and bringing more of the process of theatre development to film.

  • everyone to have access to theatre and to feel welcome to theatre. How can we make theatre more accessible? (My current thought is digital and local non-trad theatre.)

  • to provoke our current audience to action. In thinking about the climate crisis, unionism, and activism, I've been wondering how we can use the art form to provoke people to go beyond thinking about something. That's certainly a step that needs to be taken, but how do we get further commitment or action? 


  • hazelnuts

  • peanuts

  • cashews

  • almonds

  • oh, wait, you didn't really want my full list of allergies? Okay, sorry.

  • if you're a friend and you're on my site and you are wondering, shoot me a text or visit my contact page.

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